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10 Best Hook Knife For Spoon Carving In 2021
10 Best Hook Knife For Spoon Carving In 2021

10 Best Hook Knife For Spoon Carving In 2021

These tools can be used by hand or can be struck with a mallet and will suit the needs of advanced and beginning carvers. Includes bonus band aid storage container with five standard sized band aids. Includes high carbon steel palm tool carving blades – FR308 #2 x 5/16″; FR305 #3 x 3/8″; FR306 #6 x 5/16″; FR309 #11 x 1/8″; FR deg. bowl carving tool that is equal in terms of quality to other top-rated spoon carving tools. Definitely, it’s a small investment that will have a large payoff. Hook knife carving is something that even newcomers to wood carving can enjoy right away.

spoon carving knife

In Ray Iles’s telltale workhorse style, the knives are made with understated simplicity of materials and a Sheffield handcraft finish. My second spoon is also made of Chinaberry.I have to spoon carving knife admit, carving that spoon was a lot more fun that I thought it would be. It also took less time than I expected. Before applying a finish, I was ready to dive right in and make another.

Wood Carving Tools Set For Spoon Carving 3 Knives In Tools Hook Sloyd Detail Knife

I started this blog with my friend Chris. But Chris needed to move to another country and couldn’t work on the blog anymore. So for now, I write articles, do the promotions, try out new tools, discover new carving projects and so on. Here are the most important factors worth keeping in mind when buying a hook knife.

Start with shallow cross-grain cuts near the center. Pull the knife with a small arced wrist motion. This grip felt awkward at first. I soon warmed up to it, but still used it only when I had to.I’m left handed and normally hold my carving knives in my left hand. So manipulating a knife – and a curvy one at that – with my right hand felt strange at first.

Basic Spoon Carving Strop Kit

They’re pretty simple to sharpen up. If you want to go new, I’ve played with the Lie Nielsen drawknife and found it to be a great tool. If you’re just starting out with spoon carving go for one of these. Both could easily be your forever axe. If you decide to eventually spring for a carving hatchet it’s great to have an axe lying around that can do the dirty work of splitting or removing bark.

  • Both could easily be your forever axe.
  • It should be about the size of the spoon you want to make.
  • are also called hook knives.
  • I basically do the same thing with my wooden cooking implements at home (though I don’t bleach or oil as often).
  • First, I learned to use this completely foreign stabbing-like grip that seems to be quite popular among many spoon carvers.
  • If you happen to have walnut, sesame, flax, tung, or boiled linseed oil kicking around, use one of those.

We made our own wood carving kit and we are proud to share these carving tools with you, either you’re a beginner or an experienced woodcarver you’ll find a use for it anyway. This Compound Curve Spoon Knife design is designed for versatility. The spoon handle was roughed out with a band saw. A little wiggle jiggle was added for character.The bowl is mostly hollowed now. So I went ahead and laid out the overall shape and rough cut it with a band saw. Some people choose to carve away all the waste by hand, but you can save yourself a lot of time and effort removing the bulk with a saw.

Knife Fork Spoon Kitchen Restaurant Wall Clock Home Decoration Wall Clocks Multifunctional Tools

I set the spoon on a clean stump that’s between knee and waist high. Hold the spoon on the far side of the stump and start chopping near the bottom of the spoon’s handle. Make light relief cuts, breaking the fibers toward your outline. Work your way up the spoon’s handle, but stop a good ways from your off-hand that’s gripping the wood. One big departure for me from joinery work is the pencil; I use one on spoons, never on furniture. I sketch the top view on the bark side, then make relief cuts where the handle meets the spoon’s bowl.

Tan leather blade cover sheath. 5 1/4″ overall. 5/8″ ultra-thin high carbon steel blade makes unwanted chipping in delicate cuts less likely. Smaller design wood handle is faceted with multiple control points to allow it to be held in a variety of comfortable positions. 5 3/4″ overall. 1″ high carbon steel blade.

Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 164

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