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Ridgid Jp0610 Jointer Discontinued?
Ridgid Jp0610 Jointer Discontinued?

It is a pretty basic jointer/planer, with outfeed table star wheel and lock screws for that end of the cast-iron table assembly and a hand crank to allow for quick adjustment of the infeed table. The table tops are very well finished and I found no misalignment issues once I had the unit assembled. Assembly itself was rather simple, and the fence was also perfectly aligned and went into place with no hangups. The assembled machine weighs a tad more than 200 pounds. Finally, the unit has two vertical cutouts on one end of the metal stand (the end opposite the dust-port) where one can store the two push blocks that came with it. When in place they tend to rattle and so I store them on a shelf next to where the device is parked when it is inside of my small shop.

Now, just after Christmas, the jointer went out of stock online! And it was obviously never in stock in stores. However, 3 weeks later, the jointer is out of stock still.

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There should be two push pads which came with the tool, make sure you get those. They are needed to safely run a board through. Yes you can get others or make your own I’m just saying it comes with them so you should get them or allow for this in the price. Not sure but $300 is pretty close to new price isn’t it?

ridgid jointer

(Although I assembled mine all by myself with the help of an overhead chain-hoist.) Either one is probably a great buy, but look at the condition. And if you can find a used 8″ jointer, read full article so much the better. These are simple tools and not hard to setup and maintain. Bibb Tool sells them on Ebay with free shipping. I believe some list members have purchased from them.

Powertec 148020 6

This 4″ port can be slid up to open the chute if a dust collector is not available. The infeed and outfeed tables combine for an overall surface area 45 ½”-long by 7 ¼”-wide. The tables on our Ridgid JP06101 arrived correctly adjusted parallel to each other. A Google search turned up Roberts Sales and Service , which has apparently added RIDGID tools and accessories to their Ryobi offerings. Since One World Technologies took over their manufacture, parts for RIDGID power tools are available on-line from OrderTree at . I bought mine for $225 new from HD when it was on clearance.

  • Like the RIDGID 4512 Table Saw, it would be a good idea to invite a friend over to help you flip the tool over since it is assembled upside down.
  • When TTI took over the manufacture of the old Emerson built “Ridgid” tool line, there were a few models that accepted as originally designed.
  • The face is ground flat and smooth to work with the tables to slip the workpiece across the cutter head easily.
  • I have the grey planer that needs a new platen but never tried to warranty it.
  • That’s where we place all discounts related to woodworking, metalworking, car repair, DIY, and even outdoor stuff like grilling or smoking.

You should be able to find a good deal on a 6 inch jointers as many ww upgrade to 8 inch machines. The jointer/planer has a heavy-duty induction motor that is enclosed to prevent sawdust contamination and a versatile dual-bevel fence that stops at 45, 90, and 135 degrees. I am curious as well…without a jointer and using a sled and thickness planer to flatten. When I bought my jointer, it came with the two push blocks and a two-piece angle gauge that you had to assemble. Remember that there are cast pieces in this tool and a ‘dropped’ box might have some hidden damage.

When I taught three or four wood shop classes with 15 to 20 students per class, my jointer really got a workout. It not only would plane a wider board but knives last much longer on a wider machine. Once again, if I am not going to subject the machine to a lot of pressure, I prefer a 6″ machine.

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