Board & Committees


TREASURER: Yasemin Moore
TREASURER-ELECT: Jhaymee Heinlein
SECRETARY: Elise Blackburn
TBD in January
Dean Cikins, FACHE (Blackbaud)
flexoptima Michael Ruhlen, MD (CHS) flexoptima
Tom Elmore, FACHE (Aramark)
Amy Vance, FACHE (Novant)
Membership/Advancement Committee
Committee Chair

Joann Spaleta, FACHE


Committee Vice-Chair

Ryan Broadhead

The Membership/Advancement Committee recruits and develops new members and drives the advancement to Fellow (FACHE) status. Responsibilities also include organizing networking events, sending out welcome letters to new chapter members, engaging new members to other committees, and facilitating membership drives. Members on this committee can assist with event logistics, welcoming new members via email, recruiting other members, and coordination with the education committee on joint networking/educational events. They also can assist with study group organization and planning as well as recognition of chapter members that have advanced to Fellow.
Education Committee
Committee Chair

Jim Ficheltman


Committee Vice-Chair

TBD 2018

The Education Committee organizes and arranges the Face-to-Face and Qualified Education events that are put on each year. Members on this committee can assist with securing panelists, venues, assisting with registration, greeting, logistics, and marketing.
Mentorship Advancement Committee
Committee Chair

William Moore


Committee Vice-Chair

Dwayne Keeling

The Mentorship Committee facilitates the pairing of mentees and mentors, and encourages student members.
Outreach & Communication Committee
Committee Chair

Dustin Harris


Committee Vice-Chair

Tracy Pryor


The Outreach & Communication Committee maintains the website, produces the chapter’s quarterly newsletter, assists with online event registration, manages the chapter’s email software, as well as the chapter’s social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Members on this committee also write articles and produce other communication tools as needed by the chapter.
Scholarship Committee
Committee Chair

Kriss Anne Carlstrom, FACHE


Committee Vice-Chair

Elizabeth Cook Kiker


The Scholarship Committee works with UNC Charlotte and Pfeiffer University for the annual MHA scholarship and works with other academic institutions to explore support opportunities. Members on this committee would serve as liaisons between the schools and help to continue our existing relationships while coordinating with the membership committee to engage the students within the chapter.
Audit & Finance Committee
Committee Chair

Kelsey McEvoy


Committee Vice-Chair

Deana Williams, FACHE

The Audit & Finance Committee is responsible for auditing the finances of GCHEG and making sure we meet our duties to remain a 501 (c) (6) organization.
Sponsorship Committee
Committee Chair

Alex Mullineaux

Committee Vice-Chair

Andrew Adams

The Sponsorship Committee works with current and potential sponsors in supporting the chapter’s various educational and networking programs. Members on this committee could serve as liaisons with the sponsors and outreach stewards for potential sponsors. The opportunities to build on this newly revamped program are exciting ones. Joint this team to build upon a great asset to the chapter.
Diversity Committee
Committee Chair

Nikki Nissen

Committee Vice-Chair

Meeta Gandhi

Foster an inclusive environment that recognizes the contributions and supports the advancement of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability because an inclusive environment can enhance the quality of healthcare, improve hospital/community relations, and positively affect the health status of society