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  1. A Simple Guide to Understanding URLs Definitions and How to Use Them

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    A Simple Guide to Understanding URLs Definitions and How to Use Them

    Do You Realize Just What URL Means?

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    In the event that you enter online sweepstakes, you’ll probably hear the term “URL” frequuently. A friend might tell you firmly to visit the particular Address, or you could discover that it is possible to receive additional entries for sharing a URL through social networking.

    If you are not so computer-savvy, you could be confused. Just What does Address mean? What does it stand for? And why do they are needed by us?

    Here is a fast and guide that is easy understanding URLs, which will make it easier for you to enter online sweepstakes and to navigate the net.

    What Does Address Suggest?

    “URL” is definitely an acronym that represents “Universal site Locator.” It is the text you want to go to a website that you type into your internet browser when. A URL starts with ” ” or “https //” followed by “www,” then the website name in its most common form. That will then be accompanied by the target of particular pages or directories accompanied by certain pages.

    As an example, the URL for competitions and Sweepstakes in The Balance daily is . When you need to visit the website, you simply open your web web browser and kind that Address into the target field.

    That website is the “resource” that your browser is “locating” for you having a Address. (more…)